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I’ve been wanting a pouf for the home before baby came, but the more I looked around I realized that they were expensive. Most ranged over the $70 mark and that was definitely out of budget for me. In the end, I decided it wasn’t necessary to have one. But! I found this blog post: How to Make a Fabric Pouf Ottoman

I decided to give it a try. Note, these patterns and ideas weren’t mine but those from the author of the blog post. I’m thankful I was able to find this tutorial because I hadn’t realized how easy it was to make. All materials and even a downloadable pattern can be found on the blog. Here’s the story of how I made mine.

About a year ago, I bought some fabric at a garage sale. I could tell the lady liked to sew since most of the things she had in her yard were fabrics and notions. Also, another give-away was that she didn’t sell her fabric for cheap. Most of us sewers like to hoard our fabric. When we do “try” to decrease our stash, it’s not done so lightly. However, she did sell me about 10 yards of this fabric for $5. I had no idea what I would do with 10 yards of fabric but I bought it. Fast forward to a year later, I have mostly resisted the urge to hoard fabric but it also means that when I start a project, I try to use up what I have. This fabric proved to be perfect for it!

Love the little embroidered flower details

I had more than enough fabric to work with. The tedious part was cutting out the fabric, but once that was done everything went fairly fast. Sewing it together was simple. For the stuffing, I thought I owned enough old shirts/linen to stuff inside it but I was wrong. I didn’t want to buy anything for this project since I was trying to go the zero-waste route so I asked my mom for some of her old linen. She had a ton. My dad actually helped me stuff an old comforter into the pouf and I think it looks perfect.

Mom had a blue spare button that I hand-stitched to the top. Overall, it came out funky but cute. I’m still debating whether to keep it in our master bedroom or in the nursery. Either way, I will be using it once this baby comes and I start nursing.

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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