A Change of Space

I have more things to blog about other than just baby things, and here’s proof. We got a new chair for the living room and a new table! And while we’re talking about new things, we’re also in the process of installing new floors! Remember my post about our floor water leak? Well because of that, we got a chance at picking new flooring and we also decided to install it ourselves. And by “we” I mean Russell is doing all the installing, ha. Thanks Russ!

Let’s start with the chair.

I was walking around IKEA with Ari one day and saw the chair Russell and I have been eyeing since I had been pregnant. Only this time, I saw the chair in the clearance section. I quickly texted Russell who happened to be working close by and he came around on his lunch break and loaded it into the car. I’ve been spending the last few days sitting on this chair whenever Ari naps and watching YouTube videos. So comfy.

And of course, I had to put a cute little pillow on it. This throw pillow I sewed before Ari was born. I’m still hoping to find time these days to pull out all my fabrics and sewing machine and work on a project. One day.

A few weeks ago, when we traveled to Oroville, Russell’s mom gave us this vintage coffee table. It was perfect since we were looking to replace our coffee table with a kid-friendlier one (i.e. rounded corners) and one I could easily carry and move out of the way for when Ari crawls and plays. I’ve also missed my house plants (most of them are on the patio as we work on our floors) so I bought this tiny one to place on our table.

The floors I’m so excited about. We redid our floors last year but sadly, I never got time to blog about it since when Russell was finishing the floors, it was the exact same time I peed on a stick and screamed to Russell to come to the bathroom and look at all four pregnancy tests I just peed on. Anyways, our floors then were a brownish-grey and we loved it. But! This year, I leaned more towards a lighter color. We chose a lighter, almost white, wood color and oh my my, it is beautiful. It makes our space look bigger and brighter and I love it.

I can’t wait for Russ to finish the living and dining room. We’re almost there. But for now, half of our house is kind of a mess but it’ll be worth it. As you can see, part of our house shows the silver mat underneath.

We’re also putting wood floors in our bedrooms. Our master bedroom is all finished and we decided to tackle Ari’s room later this summer after taking a break in July. We chose different wood colors in our rooms but it’s all looking great. I’ll blog about it when we finish.

Until next time! I’ll be blogging from my yellow chair in the future 🙂

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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