Ari at 4 and 5 Months

Oops! I forgot to post Ari’s 4 month pictures and updates. Here’s both his 4 month and 5 month shots in one post:


Four month highlights include: Ari receiving his second set of shots, eating solids for the first time, and just overall becoming a more smiley baby.
First meal: baby oatmeal. We think he likes solids. He leans into the spoon and tries to grab the bowl/spoon when we feed him.
Favorite food so far: b-a-n-a-n-a-s. It’s bananas!
It’s also around this time that I realized how much easier this season is compared to when he was first born. It’s so much more fun when the baby interacts and smiles and coos at you compared to the first few weeks of his life when Russ and I were lost in a haze of infant poo, diapers, crying, and sleep deprivation.


Milestones: Ari started rolling over consistently. Now, everytime we lay him down on his back, he will most likely roll over to his belly within a few minutes. However, he still has not mastered rolling from his belly to his back…so he kinda just gets stuck on his belly. He also scoots around now. He’ll push his body up and/or squirm around on the floor and is slowly yet surely becoming more mobile. I’ve equally been looking forward to Ari becoming mobile as much as I’ve been dreading it.
Food: He has been eating solids more consistently now – about once a day. This means stinkier poo and getting to the part where I have to actually spray his cloth diapers now to get the poo off before putting it in the wash.
Clothes: 12 month clothing. I can still cram him into 9 month clothing when I want him to feel more like a baby (aka smaller).
Highlights: Neck control is pretty on point now; he likes making farting noises with his mouth; he gets along with our dog, Lewis, and will laugh when Lewis throws his bone around; and he’s becoming more vocal and likes to be entertained.

He’s getting more fun everyday. This 5 month photoshoot took longer than his previous ones because of his tendency to move around any time he is set down. I don’t know how I’ll do his 6 month+ photos. Prepare for craziness.

Behind the scenes – Ari rolling over every time I tried to snap a photo

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