Ari at 6 Months

You guys, my son reached a whole new level of cuteness. I didn’t think it was possible then—bam!—he hit six months and Russ and I are completely smitten. I thought our dog, Lewis, was cute when we first adopted him; I thought our turtle, Tiki, was cute when I fed him lettuce; I thought puppies and kittens were cute. I WAS WRONG. This kid is cute.

Since Ari means “lion of God”, we decided to put him in a lion costume for Halloween. I wanted to make the costume early in time for this monthly photoshoot. I ended up making it the night before and sewing it together minutes before putting it on him. Thank goodness it fits. But I will also be fixing it up to make it more lion-like before Halloween. But look how cute he is. Gah

I thought he would try to rip it off when we put it on but instead, he just got extra adorable. He started posing really cute and I couldn’t snap the pictures fast enough.

He’s been grabbing more, giggling more, laughing more, smiling more, and all around just more. His personality is coming in and I love him so much. When Russell picks him up, Ari will scream with joy and automatically go for Russell’s beard and grab it. He has also started saying “mama” and…”baba”. We tried to get him to say either papa or dada but we somehow ended with baba. Russ and I now joke that Ari will just start saying “you’re the #1 baba!” or “Happy Baba’s Day!” when he gets older.

He also eats more solids now. Dirty cloth diapers have been interesting to say the least. But we’re doing it and we’re still sticking to cloth diapers. I love using them and like knowing there’s that much less waste going into the landfill. It’s worth having to spray poop off the diapers every time Ari poops. For food, he’s been eating anything and everything offered to him. The pediatrician said he can start eating meats now but I think I’ll keep him vegetarian just a little bit longer, hehe. I’m so not ready for him to grow up.

Here’s a behind the scene shot from our photoshoot. There’s “baba” in the back helping us out 😉

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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