Ari at 10 Months

10 Months!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy February, folks! At 10 months, Ari is:

  • Still not crawling…he kind of crawl-walks. He doesn’t quite crawl, and he doesn’t quite walk. I wish he would just pick one instead of trying to do both at the same time. He’s still pretty quite mobile. If we set something at the opposite side of the room, he will get to it with some rolling, falling, and crawl-walking.
  • Eating more table food. If we eat out, he will eat most of my food. Speaking of which, for the first time ever, I ordered a kids meal from Chick-fil-A that wasn’t for me. Ari got his first kids meal and finished it.
  • Got his first cold 🙁 He’s still coughing which sucks.
  • Went to his first kids inside playground. It was at a place called We Play Loud. For not being as mobile as all the other babies there, he had a blast. We went with cousins Ezekiel and Eliana (and their parents). Ari loved the mini ball pit and kept putting the plastic balls in his mouth. Next day he had a cough. Oy.

    with cousin Ezekiel
  • Loves clapping his hands and making the Touchdown! signal
    clap clap clap

Oh! We also visited family in Florida in January. Maybe I’ll do a separate blogpost about that. But we did it! We made it there and back! These next few months, we might be doing a little bit more flying but thankfully nowhere as far (or as long of a plane ride) as Florida.

Blurry photo but Ari no longer has patience for these monthly photo shoots. Only 2 more left kid!


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