Sewing Update!

For Christmas, Russell got me a Singer Heavy Duty sewing machine. After avoiding it for a couple weeks, I finally busted out all my sewing gear and started sewing again. Keep in mind, prior to this Christmas present, my one and only sewing machine was a vintage 50s Singer Featherweight machine my mom-in-law passed down to me a couple years ago. It only had one stitch but it was reliable and durable and pretty awesome.

Singer Featherweight

Fast forward to my new machine that Russell gifted me, it has several stitch options, width options, and just overall more durable when I used heavier weight fabrics. It’s pretty dreamy.

But but but…a week ago, a couple Russ and I are close to texted Russell and asked him what kind of machine(s) I had. Then, they so kindly gave me a Pfaff sewing machine.



They’re valued at around a few thousand dollars. I didn’t know what Pfaff sewing machines even were before I got one but they are legit. They’re the kind of machines quilters use to win quilting prizes and so on. What I’m most excited about is that the Pfaff machine can do letters and numbers, has even more stitching options, and probably does more than what I can even understand. This has been such a blessing. Even Russell has joined me on the sewing fun now that we can both be on a sewing machine at the same time.

Pfaff (top) and my Singer Heavy Duty (right)

The city we live in is finally starting its own Farmers’ Market and I was able to get a spot in it where I can sell some of my goods. I’m so excited! Here are a few fun fabrics I’ve been working with:

This also means that Russ and I have been fabric hunting and it’s been so fun! We’ve gone to independent fabric shops, fabric warehouses, and thrift stores to score some unique fabric. And, for the first time since Ari has been born, Russell and I are getting a date day where we drop of Ari with my parents and spend a whole day in LA and in the LA fashion district in search for more fun materials.

It’s been a good sewing season. We’re feeling inspired and creative!


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