27 Week Pregnancy Update!

Remember when I used to do pregnancy updates when I was pregnant with Ari? Well, here’s my first pregnancy update for baby #2!

It won’t so much be a pregnancy update than an update. But it’s related to pregnancy, so now we’re back to pregnancy update. Okay, I’ll just get on with it.

This baby moves way more than Ari ever did in the womb. It’s to the point where you can see my entire belly jolt or parts of my belly stick out briefly as baby boy does his martial arts moves in there. He moves even more when I’m resting. As I’m typing this blog post, he’s making great efforts to try to get on the keyboard by punching through my stomach. When Russell feels my belly, we’ll just look at each other with an oh no look in our eyes. We’re hoping he’s not too crazy active when he comes out. Or we’re hoping that he’s at least a good sleeper. We’ll see.

Another update (and really why I decided to write this post)…this may be verging on venting but I had to articulately write this down somewhere. As you can see, I’m not going to be posting pictures of me pregnant. It makes me upset that with Ari, I enjoyed my pregnancy and doing updates and taking pictures of my growing bump. With this baby boy, I feel like that’s been taken away. And I know I can still enjoy this pregnancy – that it’s up to me to not let other people’s comments get in the way. But the comments do get in the way.

What comments? I feel like this time around, I have more people (both people I know and random strangers) come up to me and tell me how huge I am. When this first started happening, I let it slide. But as it is still happening, it just makes me angry because it’s very insensitive. It’s 2018, people. I didn’t think these kind of insensitive “jokes” would still be happening at the expense of a very emotional and uncomfortable pregnant lady.

For example, here is a list of a few (unoriginal) comments/jabs/”jokes” I get on the regular anytime I leave my house:

  • “Are you sure it’s not twins?” and when I assure them it’s not twins, there’s occasionally an added “Well are they triplets?”
  • “Are you sure you’re due in November?” followed by “You should double check with your doctor to really make sure you’re due in November”
  • “There’s only one in there?!”
  • The blunt “Wow! You’re big!”
  • “How overdue are you?” Usually asked by strangers when I am in a store.
  • And “Wow! You must be due any day now” to which I’ll usually just lie and say yes, any day now.

I’ve actually walked out of a conversation half way because the other person would not stop going on about how big my stomach was and wouldn’t stop with the “jokes” (are they even still jokes??). I don’t want to be part of a one-sided conversation where I’m constantly made insecure and ridiculed just because I’m growing a baby. Also, did everyone forget how big I got when I was pregnant with Ari?? I even looked through my pregnancy photos when I was pregnant the first time and I swear I’m progressing at the same rate. Why is it this time that people seem so surprised that I grow big babies?

Okay, I am taking a step back and taking a breath.

…Anyways, as you can see, this pregnancy has made me a bit angrier, a bit meaner at random strangers giving me “advice”, and a bit more self conscious. I want to enjoy this pregnancy and this child as much as I can without the side remarks.

So there are no pictures. Just words for this update. I hope the next one can be a bit brighter.

By Katrina

Mama to 3 boys.

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