Ari at 9 Months

Ari updates:

  • 4 bottom teeth! Back bottom molars are coming in. However, no top teeth in sight yet.
  • Not crawling yet…close, but not fully mobile. Stay still as long as you can, kid.
  • Really loves screaming in public. Like, really loves it. Eating out is getting harder as well as taking him around to different stores. Things are a-changing. We actually have to constantly keep him busy or just not take him to sit-down restaurants.
  • Starting to reject his pacifier. Used to be we could pop the paci in his mouth and it instantly calmed him. Now, he’ll pull it out of his mouth and chuck it.
  • Sitting up on his own more.
  • Still loves his noise machine.
  • Likes being outdoors in nature and going on family hikes.
  • Is biting more. Nursing him is getting to be difficult. We have started talks of weaning him off of a few of his feedings and maybe pump or give him formula.
  • Loves eating. But that’s not really an update.


Ari at 7 Months

Hello there! It’s been a month since the last post (sorry!). I don’t know whether to keep blogging about baby stuff or to try to find new things to post, but here you go – how can I resist posting more cute pictures of my kid?

At 7 months, Ari has been getting better at grabbing – my hair, his water cup, the dog’s tongue, etc etc. He is also doing better at sitting up on his own. He isn’t crawling yet but he does a great impression of a swimmer stuck on dry land when he is trying to crawl. He’ll look at the dog and scream from excitement (he loves Lewis) and then from frustration that he can’t crawl towards Lewis yet. I don’t mind him not being mobile yet since I know it’s a whole new ball game once he is crawling all over the place. Russell has already baby-proofed the living room just in case the kid decides he can crawl afterall. (more…)

Ari at 6 Months

You guys, my son reached a whole new level of cuteness. I didn’t think it was possible then—bam!—he hit six months and Russ and I are completely smitten. I thought our dog, Lewis, was cute when we first adopted him; I thought our turtle, Tiki, was cute when I fed him lettuce; I thought puppies and kittens were cute. I WAS WRONG. This kid is cute. (more…)