Oh Boy Times Three

Hello there. I had this post drafted and saved on here for awhile but never published it. I deleted all of it except for this ultrasound picture because all of it was bitter while trying not to be bitter, ha. I’ve written a new post in retrospect of the past few months and I feel… Continue reading Oh Boy Times Three


I’ve started reading again! I’ve started journaling again! I was able to eat a slice of pie! I’ve been taking it slow the past couple of weeks: sewing less, slowing down my business, not running (which I’m actually sad about), and taking more naps. And it’s been kind of nice. I love that I can… Continue reading HI!


I am always running out of it, losing it, wanting it, and not having it. I am realizing I do not need to be as busy as I think I need to be. Sometimes I wish I could want nothing. And not in a materialistic sort of way. I don’t want more things. I want… Continue reading Time

A Corner of My Own

I went out on a Friday night with some girl friends, came home, and discovered that Russell moved some things around the house so that I can have my very own sewing corner! Yup, swoooon. This corner is messy. It’s not pretty. One day, I’ll have a before and after shot of this corner. But… Continue reading A Corner of My Own