End of March Life Summary

Hello! This blog has been neglected because lots of big events happened in March. Here’s a quick recap of these said events:

Monday, March 21
My little brother turned 19! And as is with Filipino culture, he took us all out to dinner and paid. We ate at a steakhouse so James ended up using his entire paycheck to pay for us. Welcome to adulthood, little brother!

Thursday, March 24
My brother-in-law got married! I cried a lot, I smiled a lot, I laughed a lot. It was a wonderful day seeing two great people marry each other. They had a photobooth during the reception so here are some fun pics:


Bridesmaids + Russell


Getting Our Life Together


Good news! Russ and I are transitioning into our own business for awhile and it’s going well. I’ve been working from home for a little over a year now and Russ started freelancing again at the start of this year. At first, it was a bit rocky in terms of getting consistent clients. But now, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally nearing! Russ is getting consistent work, he’s networking, and I think overall we’re very content at where we are. (more…)